Alright, so this is gonna explain me. lolz.

Hello, Im Alyssa, Alpha Female of the BlueNightPack. I am 12, turning 13 in November. I Love the woods, its my FAVE place EVER!!! Though ticks worry me, and one time i forgot about them..... i got lyme, which at this moment i am dealing with.... ugh! Im going into 7th grade, though not to excited about it. I have tried hunting, but i suck, fish are more my style. And weapons.... i cant make em, i tried sharpening a shell (to see if it would hurt), nice gash on my finger.... ugh. I love running, i love open fields the best. I connect with music, on my old site (which sucked), i had lyrics, but im too lazy to put them on here. lol. haha for you! I am not the biggest fan of humans, i have been betrayed and lied to by them, but i dont agree with hunting them all... killing them off. We could be the dominant species, but what would that make us? Monsters as humans think, i dont want that. Unfortunatly, i got myself involved in things, that werent the best. I like helping people, but.... it hurt the pack. Live and Learn..... Hope i live.... lol. I like editing footage, for Youtube. Ginga Densetsu weed, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, and Wolf's Rain. I use Sony Vegas. lol. Im known as Hougenrox334. Im too lazy to explain more.... cya all.... on the next page! hahaha.... i crack myself up!!! Lolz.