Ugh, some humans, i tell ya, how annoying. I do hold a grudge, okay? I do. I'm friends with some, some are the best friends i have ever had, some betrayed me, and blurted out things. I ask for one thing from them, ONE THING, "Keep this a secret!" Who cares? I mean blurting out my best friends BIGGEST secret is nothing, right?

Wrong. Caused a lot of pain for the pack. Ya see, ANYTHING is possible. I dont understand why its so impossible to be a wolf. Hey, Technology RULES their lives. Without factories to make their processed shit, they would probably die. Or machines to pick fruits, COME ON, get off your lazy ass, and do something! God! They annoy me!!! ALL SOOOOO HIGH A MIGHTY, NO. THERE NOT. 

Sheesh keep an open mind people. True friends would support you, not bring you down. Never mind that.

I hate how damn hollywood makes us look like 9 foot tall monsters, they eat human meat. ALL WRONG, WE AINT CANNIBALS!! Or how Twilight gives a lot of wrong information, believe me, i read them. Ugh. I like blood and chocolate, only for the shifting process they have, and guess what....*lets ya guess*.............................................................. THEY ARE WOLVES LIKE US!!! NOT 9 FOOT TALL BEASTS!!!!!!!!! 

Anyway thats my protest! XD Wanna see some cool stuffs of mine??

Ugh Damn phone, hurry up!!! XD I hate it, env2 sucks! Dont get it! 

Actually the pictures are up top. oops. lol.