Shifting.... well.. to tell you the turth, i only m-shift. I know, im so pathetic... nah jk! lol. Well... I guess i could share what i know... if it helps.

Ok, for m-shifting, i normally go in the woods, near a river, and on a rock. It's peaceful and quiet, though i always go with a pack mate, ALWAYS. Then i shut my eyes, imagine how i would look as a wolf (i was told because of my aura, i most likely have chocolate fur), and say in my head "I am wolf, i am she" and then calm myself down a ton... then i say "I am wolf, she is me" then just give myself a couple minutes. I normally grow my nails a bit longer... but not much. or turn my knuckles darker. Thats it. lol.

hope it helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD