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Ok, so ya know about me (well somewhat) did you know i am Alpha Female of the BlueNightPack??? We are also part of DarkMoon, Thx Alex and Sorrel!! Yup, we aren't very well known, but DarkMoon is.... i think.Anyway, My budd Justin (J), is Alpha Male. Also, my friend Patti, is Beta (WolfSoul). Members list-

Me- Alpha Female- Wolf

Justin- Alpha Male- Dog

Patti- Beta- Wolf

Margret- Member- Wolf

Ben- Member- Wolf

Jen- Member- ........ 

Marissa-Member- Hybrid

Lol. We are a good family. It works, if i get permission, ill put pictures of us all up, though.... some peeps dont like their pics on the internet. lol. oh well.